Pedro Gilabert, Wood artist

Pedro Gilabert Gallego was born in 1915 in the small village of Las Huevanillas in the Arroyo Aceituno. As a young man life was hard, and along with many of his neighbours, he traveled in search of work, even as far as South America. These were the “years of hunger” for Spain.

* * * *

When he was 63 years old his life changed when he had an accident at work.

“I had been to the cinema once in my life, and had never seen an exhibition before starting my work. I retired early because of health problems with a pension of 6000 pesetas. I was used to always working and with my retirement I was bored. One of my daughters noticed this and asked me to make something to keep me busy. I made her a wooden plough, and so started my work.”

* * * *

After the plough came sculptures of South American kings from his imagination, wooden figures of lovers and representations of legendary animals.  In 1989 the Junta awarded him the Silver Medal of Andalucia. And he still remembers the day when he had the opportunity to shake hands with the King of Spain at a reception in Almeria. Today his amazing works of art are on display in the museum in Arboleas that bears his name.