This page contains information about the Spanish Health Service, and how to access it.

Also basic information about the local private health service.







Pensioners should not rely on the European Health Insurance Card to pay for regular treatments. The EHIC is meant for tourists who require urgent medical care.


The S1 system is for the health care of retired British pensioners.


The ‘convenio especial’ is for early retirees who are not yet pensioners while the Spanish security system is for those who are registered and working here.


Through the S1 system, the British government pays the Spanish government 3,400€ per pensioner per year, irrespective of how much treatment is required (Spain pays Britain for Spaniards in the UK in the same way).

Those using the EHIC cost the British government much more because they pay per item of treatment.


The payments through the S1 pensioner system will continue after Brexit (according to British government sources) as will the annual pension uplift and payments of the pension to banks in Spain.




The Health Service has two doctors in Arboleas, one English speaking. They are based in the new medical centre, along with 2 nurses who carry out blood and other tests.

Although this is called a medical centre it is in fact a surgery which is open from 8.30am to 2pm.

You can make an appointment on-line, usually the next day, in person at the reception, or by phone quoting your health card number.


Telephone number for reception 950 63 95 36

On line appointment:-

clic Salud

Agenda Sanitaria

Pedir cita atención primaria



The Regional Hospital is in Huercal Overa, around 20 minutes away.

For more serious cases patients are sent to Almeria, or in extreme cases to the University Hospital in Granada.

Appointments with a specialist in Huercal Overa can usually take around a month.

A and E (Urgencias) can result in a wait for several hours.


There is a 24 hour medical centre in Albox, but it is advisable to go to Urgencias (AandE) in Huercal Overa hospital.





There is an extensive private health system in Spain.

There are many private doctors and two private hospitals in Almeria City which offer excellent services.

You can pay when you use it, or you can take out insurance through one of many health insurance companies, such as SANITAS, Adeslas.